Trailer of the Month

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Borgias

Last year, I began watching this television show that comes on the BRAVO channel in Toronto Canada. It was called THE BORGIAS and was being advertised as the world's first mob family. It was about a ficticious pope, Pope Alexander (played by Jeremy Irons), his daughter Lucrezia Borgias, his son Cesare Borgia and a whole slew of other people. The show is set at the turn of the 16th century and holy mother of messed up family!

I'm sure it's on DVD but I was lucky because off season, BRAVO would go back and run it from the beginning so those who fell behind or was just hearing about the show could catch up before they brought the new season. I missed a few episodes here or there but never enough to not know what was happening when I did manage to catch it on TV.

This show had everything. You thought Tony Soprano was mean and horrible? Watch THE BORGIAS then re-evaluate your thoughts and tell me what you think. Pope Alexander was cold, calculating, manipulative, womanizing. He lusted after women he wasn't supposed to. Bedded those he wasn't supposed to. Put to death those he wasn't supposed to.  This show had straight love, gay love, confused love, family love (incest - don't want to give it away but ewww). It had fights, wars, martyrs, explosions, secrets, lies, betrayals. It had the religious, the sluts, the women who wanted to do right by her people but only managed to screw it up in the end--this show had EVERYTHING!

So imagine my surprise, when I was watching one of those made for TV movies and saw and ad for THE BORGIAS that said "SERIES FINALE"

I was disappointed because once again I thought "here we go again! Another show that is going strong with great writing, research and cast and they are flushing it." At first I thought it was a joke--then I kept seeing the commercials and it broke my heart.

So I ensured I stayed up (prepping for my birthday the next day) watching the series finale.

It started out with promise. I have to admit. Soldiers preparing to take down one of the bad guys, the gay loves reuniting, people getting their come-uppances and then WHAM! After about 45 minutes, the series finale took on the same BS ending as all the other series finale of television shows that has been cancelled. The ending was disturbing to me and I know most of the show's fans hasn't watched it yet so I won't give it away. But damn it! Why would they do that? I think, and I say as I've always said, when writers find out their show is about to be cancelled they don't think of the fans who have invested time, season after season, episode after episode to watch their work. They dont think of the fans who pay their salaries. They slap something together, wham bam done and screw everyone else...that has to be the mindset.

Don't get me wrong - I know its hard hearing you will have to find a new job and I know its a heart break when they tell you, you can't do what you love because you're preaching to the choir with that one. And I know you can't wrap up all story lines on such short notice--but holy crap! You could have at least wrapped up the main ones!

Anyways, after the first 45 minutes I was over The Borgias. The show was amazing but the ending was a dud.