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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ba'al - Storm of God

Title: Ba'al
Director: Paul Ziller
Starring: Jeremy London, Stephanie Von Pfetten (probably spelt that wrong), Scott Hylands, Lexa Diog.

A terminally ill archaeologist attempts to cure his cancer by retrieving the ancient amulets of the storm god Ba'al.

My Review:
Bad CGI! Bad CGI! Bad CGI! OMG! Ok, Canadians make some of the BEST movies these days with kick ass CGI. I mean Canadians worked on Avatar and Titanic--though I hated both those movies for different reason, the graphics kicks ass. But once again our government doesn't support Canadian funded arts so what can you do.  Anyways, the story line about Ba'al and the artifacts was a great idea--a different way to use Earth, Air, Fire and water to plunge the earth into the path of some evil hell bent on destroying all man kind.

I mean every time I watch a movie like this I wonder, "why is it humans would read that this thing Ba'al had his powers taken away by his own father, split into four amulets and hidden and they would still go out of their way to dig shit up?" I mean, if his own father couldn't destroy his power and hid it as best he could, what make they think they can revive him and something bad not happen? Anyways, logic aside, Lexa Diog reprises the same kind of role she's always done--except for taking over from that guy in the ING commercials--. She plays an stoic, almost robotic Weather doctor who thinks the cause of the storm was some baltic belt or something like that and though blowing it to hades, would solve her problem...sounds like the Andromeada doesn't it? Anyways, she is in it--same old same old. Jeremy London is in it but nothing too memorable. The ending was like they were trying to end the movie as fast as they could...*sigh*

Ok run down--the movie idea was amazing! I always love seeing the different ways people can write the earth's almost destruction--oh before I forgot, one of these artifacts landed in Utah...Yeah you heard me...I said Utah! Can you believe that??? Of all the places in the world it just HAD to land in Utah! And the stupid thing about it all, was that two of the artifacts landed in the United States!! Then, the military men were wearing the WRONG uniform! They were American military wearing Canadian uniforms--it was a hot mess in some places. Someone needed to do more research!

Anyways, back to rundown. The movie idea was great but the script, execution and casting leads little to be desired. The explantions they give to know where the next artifact is was almost laughable... If Jeremy London was looking for this movie to revive his career, well he kinda chose the wrong script. This movie was made for TV and now I see why. It was barely passable.  Someone else should get their hands on this script, do some overhauling and better casting and you'd get a kick ass movie...but the way it sits right now, if I'd paid to see it I'd be a little upset...


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