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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Title: Unknown
Starring: Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, January Jones

Story: A man awakens from a coma, only to discover that someone has taken on his identity and that no one, (not even his wife), believes him. With the help of a young woman, he sets out to prove who he is.

My Review:
Wow! This movie is no TAKEN but holy crap was I happy I went to see it.  Ok, so from reading the blurb above you can tell what this movie is about right and when you go see it, after about ten maybe fifteen minutes in you'll think you have it all figured out. I thought, I know what happened! This is so cool! Now to wait for them to do precisely what I think so I can jump up and fist pump saying how right I was.  Trust me, that didn't happen! I was so wrong, so off the mark it was hilarious! You know how they say that nothing is at it seems? Well, in this movie, NOTHING is as it seems. I mean, NOTHING! Try not to jump to conclusions because trust me, you will be wrong about what's going to happen.

The movie of course wasn't perfect but it was very enjoyable. And the fact that Aiden Quinn was in it and Liam Neeson is so damn hot, helped greately.   Now because I want you to go see this movie, I will not give a spoiler but let's just say you won't be disappointed. The movie dragged on in a few places but that is to be expected. No movie is perfect without area to make you think "What the hell!" Oh and pay close attention to the cabs in Berlin--that will make you laugh. I know I thought it was funny.

Go out with the boys and see this movie. You will enjoy it!


PS: While I was there I saw the trailer for the new Green Lantern movie...all I have to say if they screw this up...I was not pleased with who they picked to play the Green Lantern and seeing the commercial didn't change that feeling of morbid irritation. If they mess this up...there's going to be more pissed off movie than aftere the recent Star Trek movie...

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