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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Make the Yuletide Gay

Starring: Adamo Ruggiero, Hallee Hirsch, Keith Jordan

Make the Yuletide Gay is a 2009 American romantic comedy film about a gay college student who is out at school, but is afraid to reveal his sexual orientation to his parents. 

Rob Williams is a genius! This movie was so funny I laughed so much by the end I had a migraine!  It was just what I needed to beat my Christmas blahs. After being bombarded by the same, old, boring movies about Christmas on tv, it was great to finally watch one that had nothing to do with angels, or Santa, or bells, or evil corporations being taken down after the lead male got the Christmas spirit and grows a conscience. 

I have to admit I went into this movie not knowing Adamo Ruggiero (From Degrassi) was in it and was VERY surprised to see him. He plays Nathan, boyfriend to Keith Jordan's character Olaf "Gun" Gununderson. The two are desperately in love and while they hold hands and make out in public at school, at home Gun is a different person. At home, he tries so hard to be straight. He even changed the way he dresses, from elegantly, to bum-ie to keep up the charade.

Nathan, well, while his parents know, they are trying desperately not to acknowledge it. The treat Nathan like he's a stranger and is always going off on one trip or another. The last straw comes when they ditched him for a cruise rather than spending Christmas with him. 

I love this  movie.

While this movie was hilarious and brilliant and stellar - I couldn't help thinking of the boys and girls out there who are scared to come out to their parents. It is never easy and if you want a little help or advice, check out the It Gets Better  campaign or the Trevor Project.  Because no one should have to go through these things alone. 

Oh and this movie has a happy ending so it's right up the alley for Christmas!

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