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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Arizona Sky (LGBT)

**Note: Movie is LGBT Themed**
Starring: Eric Dean, Jayme McCabe, Patricia Place, Evan Cuthbert, Brent King, Emerson SMith, Bernadette Murray

As teenagers, Jake (Eric Dean) and Kyle (Jayme McCabe) were best friends who crossed that line in the realm of lovers. But they lived in a small town, cowboy country, so their fear of what would happen if they made it public drove a kind of invisible wall between them. Then Jake's father got a new job and moves Jake away, leaving Kyle behind. Though they promised to keep in touch, life gets in the way; from Jake's rise in the film industry to Kyle's absent father and ailing mother. Years later, burnt out and having panic attacks, Jake runs home with his new best friend, a straight womanizer. Once again, Kyle and Jake is pressed together, sparks are still there and Kyle must now come to terms with who and what he is or lose Jake again.

This movie started out a little slow. I think there was way too much dialogue. But there is a great movie beneath it all. Jake's life in the big city is one of too much work, heart pains and a best friend who carries a different woman home every night. I felt Jake's angst, his anger at what his life has become. I felt as though he was trapped in this lifestyle, the movies and the work, with no way to save himself.

Jayme is a good kind--a true cowboy down to helping out the townspeople and his beloved aunt (Patricia Place). Though he doesn't recognize Jake when he first sees him the moment he realises who Jake was the sparks came flying back. We find out all the hurt and trials he's had to face alone over the years with the passing of his mother, his dead beat father showing up at her funeral, all her medical bills, having to sell the family house and still be in debt, plus fighting his attraction to men. You feel his pain and his utter confusion and the war waging inside him.

Though the dialogues got a little long at times I couldn't help feeling something for these characters.

My issue, my main issue, with ARIZONA SKY  is that it had no in betweens. I guess what I'm saying was it would have been better if it had a few town's people, show a bar scene, maybe show a memory or two but this movie was a small production so it can be overlooked.

All in all this movie is enjoyable. I would definitely recommend it. My only warning is go into it with an open mind and you will definitely enjoy it.

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