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Monday, November 12, 2012


**Note: This movie is LGBT** 

Starring: Eric Schweig, Tim DeKay, Louise Fletcher, George Coe, Arye Gross. Oneal Compton
Henry Hart (Arye Gross) is a big city artist. He has his first opening in a gallery and his assistant/manager (which makes no sense but they didn't explain what she is to him) but she seems to be his best friend in the city. He is having a bad go of it because he works too much. The stress of the opening, no fun and his grand father's stroke. This sends him spiralling and running back to the Big Eden, the small, seaside, moutain town he was brought up in by his grand parents.  There he is plunged back into an old relationship that is quite unhealthy and a budding attraction to him by the quite, unassuming, Pike (Eric Schweig).
How do I review this movie without giving it away??
So this movie, had me up way past my bedtime watching. And when it was finished, I couldn't stop thinking about it. It's a romantic comedy that just rings true. The love story was unbelievable and the toxicity of the relationship between Henry and his teenager love, Dean (Tim DeKay) was so raw. Dean was married-to a woman- with two boys but still Henry, after years of therapy to get over him, pines and hopes for something more with Dean. It broke my heart when Henry takes a chance and kisses Dean and Dean just completely breaks down. When Henry finally realizes what's happening with Dean--it was like the earth shattered beneath him and I felt it.
Then there's Pike - the lovable Native who is so in love with Henry that each time he sees Henry he gets sweaty, silent and just frustrated with himself. He secretly helps Henry by bringing food from the local gossip for Sam (George Coe) who had a stroke. But Pike has a secret that is so sweet and so endearing it just shows you just how in love he is. His friend, Jim (Oneal Compton) has is back and dears to breach the subject of homosexuality in his own, cute, round-about way. Before this movie I didn't know who Eric Schweig was but he is such an amazing talent. I would really love to see him in more stuff.
Then add the townsfolk--the men who rally around Pike to push for his happiness. They added such authenticity to this movie. Half they time they had be either laughing till it hurt or crying. The town's gossip who always seem to be trying to match-make the young people of the town and Grace (Louis Fletcher) just made for a superb movie.
big EDEN is such a splendid movie. It shows that love can happen whenever and where ever. It also taught that love is love no matter who its between - be it two men or a man or a woman or two women. This movie was a welcoming breath of fresh air and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
And yes...if you're into LGBT movies definitely see this one.

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