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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Making Love (LGBT)

Starring: Michael Ontkean, Kate Jackson, Harry Hamlin, Terry Kuiser, Wendy Hiller, Arthur Hill, Nancy Olson, John Dukakis

**warning: This movie is about a Gay love triangle.**
**Small spoilers**

Blurb: It tells the story of a married man coming to terms with his homosexuality and the love triangle that develops around him, his wife and another man. It stars Kate Jackson,

MAKING LOVE is the kind of movie I wouldn't have watched if I'd seen the commercial on television. It's a rather old one--from about the 1980's. The graphics were bad but I guess it's because it is a rather old movie. Anyways, moving along. The idea from the story is fresh and speaks to today's age where the LGBT community is fighting for positive recognition and equal rights. The movie follows Zach (Michael Ontkean) who is a successful and brilliant doctor, married (his wife played by Kate Jackson) to Claire, a successful television exec. They just bought a house and is planning on having a son so they could name him Rupert, after the poet. But things start rapidly going sideways when Zach starts giving into his feelings for other men. It started out by watching a gay couple on a motor bike beside his car down to the night he almost took home a male prostitute.

Then he meets Bart (Harry Hamlin) a playboy writer who lives an almost hedonistic lifestyle. They hook up and Zach wants more than one night but Bart is not having it.

The story spirals out of control beautifully, for Zach has to tell his wife and try and deal with these new feelings and coming of age as a gay man.

The story was wonderfully penned with a lot of secondary characters to make the story believable. From the gay playboys to an old woman who regiles the Zach and his wife of stories of love and intrigue and magic from her younger years. The story was told in such a way that left me, as a writer, so enthralled and pulled in, when it ended I was out of breath.

Amazing movie, way ahead of its time. If you would like a great movie with some substance then watch this movie. The only down side is, and it's not a very big one, though the movie is told by two narrators, Claire and Bart, we don't see what happens to Bart in the end. I really wish they'd showed us how his life grew or fell apart from pushing away Zach's love.

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