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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Do - Yes please

**This film is LGBT**

I'd just finished watching big Eden for the hundredth time and was looking for something to watch. I couldn't figure out what I wanted so I began trolling the Wolfe Video website hoping to get an idea of what I wanted to see. I found one called Saltwater but when I went to this website that you can get movies VOD - you pay a fee and you can stream the movie for seven days then the link expires- and to my horror this website doesn't take paypal and though I'm a somewhat trusting person, I did not feel comfortable just handing over my credit card to this site. So then I had to find another website to watch my movies on through VOD that accepted paypal! Took me an hour and I found it. I went back to the Wolfe website and found this movie I Do.

I read the blurb for it--and debated whether I wanted to follow up the feel goodness of big Eden with something that seemed as if it would rip my heart out and stomp on it only to run it over with a bulldozer. I mean, sure, I was being a tad dramatic but sometimes when you watch a really sad movie that's how it leaves you feeling, especially with an ending like Shut Up and Kiss Me. Still, I took a breath, paid my VOD fee and hit play.

The story centers around Jack Edwards (played by David W. Ross- former member of Bad Boys, Inc)
David W. Ross - writer and star of I Do
who is a gay British National living in New York. He works with his lesbian best friend with photographers and makes a pretty good living. He's happy with his life until tragedy hit and he finds himself playing father to his niece, on the brink of deportation and being put in the position of having to chose between his family or lying to get his green card and possibly face federal prison. Not only that, he drew his best friend Ali (played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Natalie in Ugly Betty and herself in Entourage) in, by marrying her to pretend she's his wife so he can get his papers. To make matters worse, right as they marry, Jack meets the love of his life, Mano Alfaro (played by Maurice Compte, Gaff in Breaking bad and Chatto in Choke.Kick.Girl: The Series). 

I thought well, this is going to be another badly acted gay movie about some guy who can't get his crap together and it's going to wind up having a crappy ending to leave me thinking Well, there's an hour and a half of my life I'll never get back! But boy was I wrong. To top off a very intriguing story that touched on Gay Equality Rights, and the horrible things one can say to another after guilt forces them to be silent for years, I was fanning my face like a moron saying don't cry! Don't cry! I couldn't help it. Jack just kept having one horrible day after another. Think about it. You're finally forced to marry someone and then finds Mr (or Mrs) Right, the very next moment! How sucky would that be?

Maurice Compte
Mano has his own demons that will shock and anger you then make you feel as if you just want to hold him until he feels better and those demons go away.

I Do was brilliantly acted. The music was stunning the scenery perfection and the script, though some parts could use a little tweaking, was amazing. The emotions coming off the screen left me crying and laughing out loud at times. Sometimes I found myself getting so caught up in the movie I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle Ali (Jack's best friend) and then shake Jack's Sister in Law Mya (played by Alicia Witt, Rosalind Harker in The Mentalist).

The secondary characters were all necessary and lend an air of authenticity to the film that was breath-taking. At one point I found myself muttering repeatedly "No no no! Don't do that! Just walk away man! Walk....away!" during one of Jack's interaction with a secondary character.

This movie will pull you in from the first first sound of Jack's voice the moment the movie begins. Though it it will break your heart, it will not leave you disappointed. It will make you want to really look forward to anything else David W Ross may decide to pen in the future. I was pleasantly surprised at this, his first go at it and couldn't stop watching, even for a bathroom break. I Do is one of the BEST LGBT movies I've seen thus far and it gives me a renewed hope that soon, we'll be able to see more.

Oh! And before I forget, Grant Bowler, Chief Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan in Defiance - a hot show here in Canada on SHOWCASE TV, is in it for a brief moment. He plays Jack's brother Peter.

Grant Bowler - plays Jack's brother, Peter.


PS: please check out Grant Bowler in DEFIANCE on Showcase TV if you're in Canada! All others can watch it on SyFy - The new season doesn't begin until June of 2014 (oh the horror!) so you have time to get caught up on all it's end of world-ie goodness.  Also visit DEFIANCE's official website by clicking HERE.

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