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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shut up and Kiss Me

**this is a LGBT movie**

Ben (Ronnie Kerr) is tired of one night stands and stupid men. He is looking for more, stability, monogamy. He's 35 and is looking for something of substance. This movie follows his trials and tribulations on his search for Mr. Right.

Where do I start with this movie? Okay, lets start with Ronnie Kerr (NYPD Blue, Vampire Boys 2) is a very good looking man, I have to put that out there and while I adored this movie, I have to say he could have given a little extra effort. He doesn't seem to be good at the back and forth dialogue as some of it gets lost in his facial expression but when it comes to sadness, he is spot on--and let me tell you there is a lot of heartbreak in this one.   So the movie startsout with Ben at a dating service advertise himself for a new man. Then his best friends get to sit in and and its a riot hearing their back and forth.  I laughed until I couldn't breathe at the montage of men he found from the dating service - from a pre-op who thought Ben wasn't his type, to a goth decked out in all black with black eyeliner and outfit and lipstick and a 17 year old pretending to be 24. Then he tried online dating which didn't end well either. 

He'd all but given up when he sees Grey, played by Scott Gabelein (The Fallen, Paradox Alice) jogging by him while he's watering his lawn. Let the stalking from the front lawn begins! 

Ronnie Kerr
From there its a lovely, funny tale of lust at first sight and the best friends forcing Ben to step out of his box and actually talk to Grey rather than watching him like a stalker from the front lawn.

The acting after this gets progressively better becauase not only is it funny but they begin getting into some hard topics like infidelity and HIV. Now where the movie takes on a drastic turn--I'm a romance writer myself and after my two character meets each other I try desperately not to let them sleep with anyone else. Grey has this iss with monogamy that Ben can't seem to get over. Which makes sense **spoiler alert** and when Grey cheats not once but twice - it breaks Ben's heart.

What I have an issue with is the ending. They go the whole movie with Ben refusing to settle for some man who can't keep it in his pants even going to therapy for it.  He talks about how he deserves more than a man who cheats on him and sudenly WHAM! All of a sudden, in the last two minutes of the movie, he's cool with it. He accepts Grey and is man-whoring ways and all is right with the world. I'm sorry I cannot accept that ending. There was no explanation leading up to it, no nothing. It was like poof! it never happened.
Scott Gabelien

This movie is okay. It's quaint and cute and funny in some parts. If I had to give it stars I'd give it a three stars and thats because the secondary characters were a hoot to watch--if I was being truly generous I'd stretch it to a three and a half star movie since Ronnie was so yummy but ugh. there were dialogue that was repeated so many times I wanted to scream. The ending just ruined the whole thing for me - UGH.


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