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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


After her divorce, Elizabeth (played by Julia Roberts) realizes that her life is in a rut and decides she is going to drop everything and travel to Italy, India and Bali to find balance and hopefully grow into the person she's supposed to m.

The honest truth is this movie for me had a whole lot of things going against it in my books. When I first heard it was being made from a book I might want to read some day, I frowned. Strike one! Movie makers these days have a tendency of screwing up books they turn into films.  Then Javier Bardem is in it - Strike two! I don't know why but to me Javier Bardem is just one of those actors I just can't seem to get into when I think of him. I have to take him on a role by role scenario.  And it didn't help that when I saw that the only thing I could think was omigawd! Another Vicky Cristina Barcelona--barf! But I have Netflix (one of the greatest inventions EVER!) and I can watch what I want when I want and I'm not sure what got into me but I was taking a break from writing a novel I've been working on (one of my characters is in a coma - gasp! The Horror!) and thought I'd give this movie a look see.

Brilliant, brilliant movie!

Ok, first off she traveled to all these exotic places that I've always wanted to visit. I have a friend who lives in Paris so Italy is on my list--it is TOPS on my list of places to go. Then India--even though things aren't quite copacetic there at the moment its still on my list. Bali isn't but after this movie, it's on there. That was how they reeled me into this movie. But I also love stories about how women get back on their feet after being kicked in the throat (aka divorced). I mean, I cannot IMAGINE rolling over one night and stare into my husband's face and think holy crap! Who are you? 

The characters she comes across in her travels are rich and fragrant - I know it sounds weird to describe fictional characters I cannot touch or for this matter fragrant but its the only word I could think of. Perhaps its because I'm a writer but they gave off an air of authenticity and usefulness. None of them were in the story just to be there--they all contributed in their own way to Liz's life and her search.

Eat Pray Love is breath-taking in the scenery as well as story and it will hold you from the first scene to the very last. It will break your heart then slowly mend it and you will not even know its happening.

This is what I look for in these kind of movies--something that will help me grow and seek out my own personal word. 

Feeling like your life is stuck? I know it's just a movie but watch it--you'll see what I mean.

Oh and PS? If you do watch it after feeling stuck, come right back here and tell me how you feel.


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