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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[New Show] Sleepy Hollow

Normally, I would wait until after a couple of episodes before writing something like this but I'm not sure if I'm liking this show or hating it or just mildly amused by it. The story of Sleepy Hollow and the headless horseman and Icabod Crane has always been a favorite of mine. When I began hearing mutterings of them making it into a TV show I was for it--surprisingly--when I heard it was being developed for FOX, my heart broke. You see, FOX has this habit of discontinuing television shows that has promise but are either too cheap or too impatient to back. Want proof? One word FIREFLY. Enough said. Anyways, I ramble.

Now back to Sleep Hollow.

The story is modern take on the classic we know. Icabod Crane (Tom Mison - Secret Diary of a Call Girl) dies during a mission for George Washington (yes, THAT George Washington). He gets into a fight with this beast looking red coat and though he wound up killing said beast, he died from a blow from the beast. He awakens in 2013 in the Town of Sleepy Hollow and so does the Headless man he "killed" in about 1703.

This is something Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie - Woman Thou Art Lose: On the 7th Day) doesn't need. But when her and her partner gets a call out and her partner ends up being beheaded by a headless man with an axe - there is no way she is going to join the FBI in Quantico now.

So this is where the story is.

This section could contain spoiler so stop reading here if you haven't watch the first episode yet and intend to.

Apparently her and Icabod are put together to now solve the strange happenings of the small town and try to keep the world from ending by the arrival of the Four horse men of the apocalypse. There are a few noted names in the first episode that did not make it to the end of the episode and this includes John Cho (yes, that John Cho from Star Trek as Mr Sulu. But most notably from the Harold and Kumar franchise.) It shocked me to see that John plays a bad guy who ended up with a broken neck in the end by some strange, axe-headed thingie before Icabod and Abbie could question him. He was actually working WITH the headless horseman, which kind of made no sense to me because the horseman was awakened with Icabod so when did he get time to turn a human? Or was the character human or something else?

Now, here's where I get a little iffy on this new series:

Issue #1 - While as an aspiring actress myself, and I support giving new actors a start, it is strange to expect a show like this to survive with relative unknowns. Nicole Beharie who plays Abbie was only in one show I've heard of and Tom Mison was in a host of things but nothing really notable except the Call Girl TV show that didn't really survive that long. They tossed in John Cho but he was dead by the end of the episode and then there's Orlando Jones who plays their Captain. He was in Drumline, Madtv, The Boondocks. But I don't his star power is strong enough to save this show from FOX's axe. I am worried it will not make it so I wouldn't get too attached.

Issue # 2: This show is on FOX.

I will watch the second episode and see what I think. I wouldn't write it off either. It has promise but lets face it, as the guys from Terra Nova, Firefly and the numerous other shows that didn't make the FOX grind can tell you, no show is safe.  But a little tip, do not watch this show online. They have to count your viewership. If you watch it online it does not count (maybe on the FOX website it might count).

Anyways, check it out. It has mystery, creeps and Icabod is not bad to look at.


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