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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Seducing Mr Perfect aka Seducing Mr. Robin

 Seducing Mr Perfect AKA Seducing Mr Robin is a South Korean movie written and directed by Sang Woo Kim. It stars Uhm Jung-Hwa and Daniel Henney (Hawaii Five-O, X-Men Origins: Wolverine).  It's about a woman Min Joon (Played by Uhm Jung-Hwa) who believes completely in true love but the she has horrid luck with men. Enters the sexy and wealthy Robin Heiden (played by Daniel Henney) and things in Min Joon's life begins spiralling hilariously out of control!

First let me say, boredom led me to this movie because if I hadn't gotten home and spent two hours scrolling through three hundred channels with nothing to watch, writer's block kicking my butt and a tension headache the size of New Amsterdam threatening to drive me insane, I wouldn't have gone looking for a movie to watch. Finding Seducing Mr Perfect made me so happy--it was like finding out G Dragon (Big Bang) made a song called Niliria with Missy Misdemeanor Elliot. That means I was flailing happy. It was super-fun-happy-time! lol. Anyways, I adore everything Asian media (when it comes to movies, dramas, music - that kind of media). At first I saw the name and thought - here we go--another blase boring romance movie! 

Boy was I wrong. 

I was laughing from the very beginning of this movie and couldn't stop. From the first scene this movie is filled with cute heartbreak and tons of laughter. Daniel Henney (with his sexy-fine self) did not disappoint and thought I found myself thinking Le Gasp! What a jerk! It wasn't in a "I want to punch him in the throat" kind of jerk but a "Giggling while shaking my head" kind of jerk. I have no better way to explain this movie.

Though I find it was a little slow at one point, the rest of the movie flowed seamlessly and left me feeling fulfilled and happy. The music throughout this movie as well was another shock--for it was great music as though they actually planned it! *Gasp! What a concept!*

Still, this movie is something to be seen if you liked I'm a Cyborg But it's Okay. And I can't end without speaking of the secondary characters. They gave his movie a sense of added originality and air I've never seen before in a South Korean comedy. They were real and true and so deliciously quirky, I wonder how one person could write all of them. 

I enjoyed this movie. Now, I must go drink some water. My laugh headache hurts! lol


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